BMW Mini Limo XXL


Driving pleasure growing from one bend to the next, the thrill of open-air motoring starting with the first rays of sunshine, and the MINI limo hire catching the eye of the thrilled beholder right from the start. Through its exclusive design and unique interior, the top model in the range quite literally makes all aficionados of open-air motoring wax lyrical while enjoying their wildest dreams.

BMW Mini Limo XXL

Mini limousine is fully loaded with all of the toys you would expect to find in a limousine, the MINI limo comes equipped with a retractable flat screen TV, a DVD player, CD and radio, air conditioning, sunroof, full black leather and a telephone in the rear so that passengers can communicate with the driver. However, the highlight of the MINI limousine hire is the whirlpool integrated into the rear section of the car. The whirlpool seats two people and is easy to operate. Its detachable roof means that it can be covered when not in use and emptying it is a simple matter of pulling the plug to release the water.

The MINI limo is not only thrilling from the outside in its sporting and elegant look, but also comes with an appropriate interior making every drive in this unique car an equally unique experience: Never before has open-air motoring in a MINI limo been possible in such a sophisticated ambience. Mini Limo, super fun, London calling.

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