here are some answers to frequently asked questions

What is meant by a “one way journey”?
This is exactly as it sounds. A journey starting from one point (point A) to another point (point B). There are no pick-ups or drop-offs allowed other than at these two specified points.

What is meant by a “return journey”?
Starting at point A going direcly to point B. Then at a later specified time returning directly from point B back to point A.

What if I need more drop-offs and/or pick-ups?
By hiring the car & driver by the hour (3 hour minimum) the car is available to take you and your passengers wherever you want whenever you want. Hourly hire is ideal for club/ bar hopping and hen & stag nights or any other occasion where you want to visit multiple locations. If you want to move a large number of people (several times the capacity of one limo) from one location to another it may be more economical to hire a smaller number of vehicles by the hour rather than pay for lots of individual trips.

How far in advance do you recommend bookings?
We would recommend booking as far in advance as possible – especially for special events and occassions. If you change your plans up to a week before the hire date you can changes the times/dates or we will give you a credit good for one year. Many of our clients book months or even a year or more in advance – this is especially important for those times of year when demand is exceptionally high e.g. Ascot, Christmas/ New Year & major sporting events.

Why do you need to know exactly when I want the car?
This is to make sure we have the vehicle available that you want when you want it.

Why do you need to know where I am going?
We need to work out how long your journey will take. For hourly rentals it is to make sure the requested car is available for the time you want it.

Can you supply balloons, party hats, ribbon for the exterior of the car etc.?
Yes please let us know your requirements in advance and we’ll do our best to help you.

What is the M25?
The M25 is a motorway (freeway) which forms a large circle around Greater London and surrounding areas. Our online quotes are currently based on trips within the M25 area (we define this as all postcodes within the area enclosed by the M25 and a number of postcodes on the border of this area.