FORD F-650 – 28 seats “Mammoth”


If you think that Hummer and Excursion limousines are not big enough for you, than we have something that you will like for sure. Super strech, 28 seats F-650 “Mammoth” Limousine hire is the first of its kind. London Will stop to see this car on the streets.

Ford F-650 - 28 seats-booklimo

Do you need really big limousine and extra long Cadillacs or Hummers are not enough huge for your ego? We have something for you! The F-650 Limousine is the first of its kind. It towers over all other limos and, with no doubt, is a head turning, breath taking, show stopper, a daring choice when it becomes to hire this car for a big fun. When this mega monster rolls down the road, on-lookers can’t help but stop to stare and wonder who is inside such a marvelous sight. Holding up to 16 passengers comfortably, this enormous F-650 “Mammoth” Limo hire will give you a larger than life experience. The Ford F-650 “Mammoth” Limousine has no problem being the bully on the road. Other vehicles will not hesitate to move over and give this giant the VIP attention it deserves. Unlike other limousines that have their chassis cut in order for them to be stretched, the Mammoth chassis is not cut. It is a NHTSA compliant truck with a Caterpillar 300 HP engine with factory oversized front and rear disc breaks with ABS. The new F-650 Super stretch employ’s a breaking system that is able to stop over two times the payload of the loaded capacity.

Ford F-650 - 28 seats

Available for any London tour or party.

  • Up to 28 seats
  • 270 inch non cut strech
  • 10 TVs
  • Playstation II
  • DVD Player
  • CD Player
  • Intercom phone
  • 12 strobe lights
  • 4 laser lights
  • 7 lightening discs
  • 6 color fiber optic lighting throughout
  • Aircraft lighting tubes
  • Fog machine
  • 1800 watt stereo sound system
  • Full Star gazer Ceiling
  • Full Bar Amities
  • 30 Rock glasses
  • 30 Champagne glasses

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